Welcoming Women Caretaker Program

Become a Welcoming Women Caretaker and lead your own Welcoming Women group to support the women of your local community in 2020.

The initial online training involves 7 learning modules to guide you through the steps to create your own Welcoming Women business, prepare to run sessions and launch your own group. From there, you will be a Caretaker Member. You will continue to receive the support and resources to be a successful sister circle leader.
Each Module in the training course consists of a learning video and a worksheet with action tasks to complete. The team will have weekly group meetings to discuss the program, share issues or problems, ask questions and provide mutual support. Individual guidance from our Founder, Beck, will also be provided.

Do you have a calling to lead a Sister Circle?

Let us guide you through the process and support each other as we grow our businesses. Join our successful program to create your own income stream as well as support the women of your local community.

So much more than just an online course...

The Modules in the training program clearly set out the steps needed to launch your own women's group. You will also receive accountability and the resources needed to make this happen for you. We are as invested in your success as you are!

Caretaker Commitment

Any woman with a passion to help other women through the offering of a social and wellness group can become a Welcoming Women Caretaker Member. This woman may already have her own wellness business and wants to run a women's group alongside it, or she may just want to follow a calling to offer a sister circle. 
The Caretaker is making a commitment to herself to set up a business, to her local community to run the group, and to Welcoming Women to become a part of our organisation. To seal this commitment, a contract will be provided and signed by both the Caretaker and Welcoming Women Administration.

Our Training Program is now open for enrolments! Please phone or email Beck if you have any questions before enrolling. Once you have enrolled, your contract will be sent to you.
Phone +61 414 728 848