Bookings & Memberships

Gold Member

Early in the year, Full Annual Membership is available, where a member pays a single upfront fee to be able to attend all sessions for the year. No need to worry about making bookings – your place at every session is secure. Just turn up! You will also receive a Membership Pack. Even if you were to miss a few of sessions during the year, this is the cheapest and simplest option.
​* Gold Membership for 2020 will be available soon!

Silver Member

Pay an Annual Membership Fee. You will receive a membership Pack and a discount code to receive reduced fees when making bookings for our events. Please note that online bookings for sessions close the day before the event date, and may be subject to availability.
* Silver Membership for 2020 will be available soon!

Casual Participant

Book and pay upfront for any one session at a cost of $30. Casual participation in our events are subject to availability.
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