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How It All Began

Hi, I'm Beck, the Founder of Welcoming Women. In this video, I want to share with you what inspired me to start this women's social and wellness group.

About Us

Welcoming Women is a sister circle to provide a network for women to connect, share, learn and grow together in a positive and supportive environment. 

We host monthly gatherings for women to meet together. The sessions take about two hours. We share in guided relaxations, powerful affirmations and enjoy chats over cups of herbal tea and treats. The main part of the session is spent with a wellbeing learning activity. We invite female guest speakers along to present, or the Caretaker of the group may lead this part of the session. Some examples of topics that we have previously explored include crafts, movement activities (such as dance and yoga), nutritional health and cooking, and alternative therapies.
Welcoming Women is open to any woman of any age (over 14 years old), and of any sexuality, religion or culture. While Welcoming Women does involve a small amount of ritual to our sessions, religion does not form a part of this group.
Welcoming Women is the perfect way to learn new things, support your health and wellbeing, meet new friends or just relax!

Check out our Chapter page to learn where the nearest Welcoming Women group is hosted to you.
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Welcoming Women Caretaker Program

Become a Welcoming Women Caretaker and lead your own Welcoming Women group to support the women of your local community.
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We are Act-Belong-Commit Partners

We are Proud Partners of the Act-Belong-Commit organisation to promote a Mentally Healthy WA.
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